Preparation for 2021 Cadet College Admission Test


Cadet College Admission 2021

Dear Cadet College students wishing to be admitted, Greetings Neo. Today I will discuss model questions and answers from general knowledge topics to facilitate exam preparation.

1. Answer briefly: 10x1 = 10

A) When is the day of martyred intellectuals of Bangladesh?

Answer: 14th December.

B) Who announced the six-point program? Answer: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

C) Who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Bangladesh?

Answer: His Excellency the President.

D) Where are the SAARC Agricultural Center and Meteorological Research Center located? Answer: In Dhaka.

E) In which African country has Bengal been given special status?

Answer: Sierra Leone.

F) Which is the closest planet to the sun? Answer: Mercury.

G) What is the spectrum? Answer: Improved corn.

H) What is the name of the currency of Malaysia?

Answer: Ringgit.

I) In which country will the T20 World Cup cricket match be held in 2020?

Answer: Australia.

J) Who is the designer of the national flag of Bangladesh?

Answer: Kamrul Hasan.

2. Tick ​​the correct answer: 10x1 = 10

R. In which region day and night are equal?

A. In the polar region b. In the equatorial region

C. Cancer region d. In the Capricorn region

Answer: a. In the polar region.

Ror. Which place is sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews?

A. Mecca b. Jerusalem c. Baghdad d. Medina

Answer: b. Jerusalem.

Rorr. What is the operation address related to?

A. Patient b. Surgery c. Address of the landless

Answer: b. Surgery.

Ra. Which is the heaviest liquid?

A. Oil b. Milk c. Water d. Mercury

Answer: d. Mercury.

To whom is the word Pathakali related? A. Pathik's song b. Wildflower

C. Neglected children surviving on the streets

Answer: c. Neglected children surviving on the streets.

Er. Who is the composer of the national war music? A. Kazi Nazrul Islam b. Rabindranath Tagore

C. Pallikabi Jasimuddin d. Sukanta Bhattacharya

Answer: a. Kazi Nazrul Islam.

What kind of singer was Lalon Shah? A. Bhatiali b. Bowl c. Jarigan d. Murshid

Answer: b. Bowl.

Error. In which district is the Taliban satellite station located? A. Chittagong b. Gazipur c. Dhaka d. Rangamati

Answer: b. Gazipur.

Re. Eclipse time a. The moon, the sun and the earth fall in the middle b. The moon and the earth fall in the middle of the sun

C. The earth falls in front of the sun

D. It falls between the sun, the earth and the moon

Answer: a. The moon falls between the sun and the earth.

E. Which vitamin is water soluble?

A. Vitamin ‘A’ b. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin ‘C’ d. Vitamin D

Answer: c. Vitamin ‘C’.

3. Answer in one word: 10x1 = 10

A) “Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation.” কার Whose statement is this?

Answer: Napoleon.

B) What is the old name of Comilla? Answer: Tripura.

C) Which mountains separate Asia from Europe? Answer: Ural Mountains.

D) On what date is Meena Day?

Answer: 24th September.

E) Which Bengali won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2019? Answer: Abhijit Banerjee.

F) Where is the origin of Padma river?

Answer: In the Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas.

G) What is the place surrounded by water on three sides called?

Answer: Gulf.

H) During the war of independence Dhaka was under which sector? Answer: No.2.

I) What is the name of the currency of Bhutan? Answer: Gultram.

J) Which year is declared as Mujib year? Answer: 2020-21.

4. In which country are the unwritten places located and why are they famous? 5dh1 = 5

Sialkot, Nijhum Island, Waterloo, Red Square, Seven Dome Mosque.

Answer: Sialkot: Located in Pakistan. Famous for leather and sporting goods.

Nijhum Island: Located in Bangladesh. Famous for fishing and beaches, coastal green belts and the arrival of guest birds.

Waterloo: Located in Belgium. Famous for the historic battle between the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington. Waterloo is one of the most famous battlefields in the world.

Red Square: Located in Moscow, Russia. Famous for political discourse.

Seven Dome Mosque: Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Built during the Mughal period, this historic mosque has got the name of seven-domed mosque due to its 6 domes with 4 minarets.

5. Write the names of the seven heroes. 0.5x7 = 3.5

Answer: 1. Birshreshtha Mohiuddin Jahangir

2. Bir Shrestha Hamidur Rahman 3. Bir Shrestha Munshi Abdur Rauf 4. Bir Shrestha Mohammad Mostafa Kamal 5. Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman 6. Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Sheikh 6. Birshreshtha Ruhul Amin.

. Answer the question correctly: 3d 0.5 = 1.5

A) Every cubic cm. How many grams of iron density? Answer: 6 grams.

B) What is the name given to the fungus that grows like cotton on stale or rotten bread?

Answer: Mucker.

C) What is the name of the plateau known as the roof of the earth?

Answer: Pamir plateau.

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