New Voter Registration system In Bangladesh


 New voter registration system

Bangladeshi National Identification Card registration form online application has to be filled in three steps (personal information, other information, current address and permanent address). There is an advantage in filling up the partial form and saving it and filling up the rest later. This requires at least one step.

You can Online Application Some Steps. Go to Bangladesh NID Card Service Portal:

a) About Online Apply:

The online process allows you to fill out the voter registration form correctly)

There is no need to re-apply if you are already a voter. It is a criminal offense for a registered person to re-apply

Expatriate or excluded voters over the age of 18 will be able to register through this process

Click here for details.

b. Steps:

·       Fill in all the information correctly step by step

·       Fill in all the information in Bengali except your full name in Unicode

·       Re-verify all the information through the preview after all the steps are completed

·       Create a PDF file, print it and submit it along with the required documents to the nearest election office

·       After verifying the information you provided and verifying the address, your card will be created once the information is confirmed

·       Collect the card by submitting the card receipt

c. Necessary information:

Currently the form looks like this (PDF). Keep all information with you before filling out the form

Submit a copy of the required documents along with the form


Next Tutorial You’re seeing Online NID Card Download Process


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