Curriculum Vitae Writing Tips & Rules, Sample and Template

Curriculum Vitae  Writing Tips & Rules, Sample and Template

An important step in job preparation is to create a good Curriculum Vitae (CV). A CV that catches the eye of employers. Which gives employers a better idea about you. The matter is not very difficult. For this you need to be able to apply the rules of CV writing properly.

Many job seekers in our country make a mistake. That is, the Curriculum Vitae CV found in the computer composing store is submitted at the time of job application. In most cases, their value is not right. So refrain from using such CVs. Instead, try to create a quality CV for yourself.

What is a CV?

Curriculum Vita (CV) is a document where you work, educational qualifications and skills are referred to the original parts. It is also used in academic work as well as job examinations. It is usually written in English.

When Make A CV?

Now, If you're student or Graduated any stage you have not a CV. As soon as Make a CV. Its very important part of career. 

What is the requirement of CV?

A CV is essential for your job and for the future. If you make a CV right now, keep adding all the achievements and educational qualifications in your life later. Keep CV always updated. It will help a lot to get your job. One thing to keep in mind is when to give one CV in one place for information. You can have a lot of skills that give you the skills you want for the job.

How to Write A CV

Personal Information: This section contains your name, phone number and email address. In some cases you may have to provide a contact address. However, it is not necessary to give your picture.

And special care should be taken in case of e-mail address. thegreate@ or e-mail addresses cannot be used. Create a short e-mail address that matches your name and use it in your CV.

Career Objective: You must write your professional goals in the CV. The language will be concise, clear and organized. If you write in English, spelling or grammar should not be wrong. You have to write the goal associated with the post you will apply for. No weird, irrelevant or imaginary sentence can be written.

Education Qualification: You have to write the degree that you have just obtained first. You can also mention in which subject, in which faculty you have studied, in what year you have taken the exam, what were the grade points or results. If you have not yet passed, enter the word 'examinee'. You have to write the result information from the university level to the secondary examination in order.

Working experience: In this section, describe what kind of work you have done before. Write about recent work first.

Volunteer work/Extra Activity: You need to write down the details of the work or organization that you are involved in as a volunteer. Write down how long you have been working, what position you are working in.

Workshops and Training: If you have any skills related to the job you are applying for, write in this section. You can also mention any awards, honors or publications if relevant.

Language Skills: Generally, to apply for a job in Bangladesh, it is necessary to know Bengali and English.

Computer skills: Computer skills should be written keeping in mind the position for which you are preparing the CV.

Hobbies and interests: You can write about one or two of your interests and hobbies.

References: University teachers serve as good references for new graduates. In this case, inform the teacher and use his name and surname. Sometimes the employer is contacted by the person whose name is in the reference from the organization. So use the right terms and identities. You can add the name and surname of a professional known in any other profession.

Certification:  You have to write that all your information attached to the CV is correct and accurate. You must have a clear signature at the bottom of the text. 

Keep something in mind and Must Remembered.

See the witting rules don't forget it. 

  • It would not be right to submit or e-mail the same CV in many places.
  • The language of CV has to be changed in jobs and posts.
  • Professional goals are different for each position, it should be noted.
  • CV should be made in A-4 size paper size. There should be a margin of 1 inch around it.
  • You can write these fonts - Arial, Cambria, Calibri, Didot, Garamond, Times New Roman, Helvetica
  • Font size - 11/12/13/14 can give.
  • Just don't submit CV anywhere or e-mail. ‘Cover letter’ should be attached with the CV. Why you are applying for a job, why you are eligible, should be written in a short cover letter.
  • Do not use more colors and stylish fonts in the CV
  • Do not use extra paragraphs or graphics.
  • Express yourself in short sentences and short words.
  • There should be no grammatical errors in the biography at all. Such mistakes in syntax but will question your competence.

Curriculum Vitae Simple and Template

Curriculum Vitae



Mobile no: +88xxxxxxx


Career Objectives:

Seeking for opportunity to work as a medical profession in a reputed hospital and utilize my professional skills to improve client satisfaction for the benefit of the organization.                  

Esteem Traits:

A drive to perform patience, accept challenging works, willingness to learn.

Academic Background:

Successfully completed 1 year internship program from Sylhet Women’s Medical College.

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

Institution                         : Institution Name

Session                                         : Session Year

Registration No                : 123xxxxx

Result                                   : GPA/CGPA

Passing Year                      : Year

Higher Secondary Certificate

Institution                         : Institute Name

Group                                   : Group Name

Result                                   : GPA/CGPA

Roll No                                 : 12xxxx

Registration No                : 12xxxx

Passing Year                      : Year

Board                                    : Board

Secondary School Certificate

Institution                         : Institute Name

Group                                   : Group Name

Result                                   : GPA/CGPA

Roll No                                 : 12xxxx

Registration No                : 12xxxx

Passing Year                      : Year

Board                                    : Board

Personal Capabilities:   

 Writing about Personal Capabilities

Computer Skills:

Write Computer Skills

Language Proficiency:

Writing about Language Proficiency

Personal Interest:

Writing about Interest and Hobby

Personal Information:  

Name                                    : Abc

Father’s Name                   : Abc

Mother’s Name                 : XYZ

Present Address               : Address

Permanent Address        : Address

Date of Birth                      : DOB

Nationality                         : Country Name

Religion                               :

Sex                                         :

Marital Status                   :

Blood Group                      :


                   1. abc                                                           2. xyz


I do hereby declare that the particulars provided here are true and no misinformation given.


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