E-Tin Registration Process In Bangladesh


Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN) Registration / Re-registration

E-Tin certificate is a  electronic tax identification number. In Bangladesh, Bangladeshi Nationality have to pay text on the basis of your yearly income. Every year the government selects a range of income and if anyone except on that specific income amount then he or she has to pay income tax.

Why  need E-Tin  certificate: 

  1. Business
  2. Bank account
  3. Personal
  4. Others Use 

Document's Requirement 

01. NID Card (National Identification Card)
02. Personal Information
03. Living Address
04. Spouse Information.

Some Step To Registration E-Tin. 

01. Go to: https://www.incometax.gov.bd/TINHome 
02. Select Registration form Manu bar ( See on Screenshort) : https://secure.incometax.gov.bd/Registration/Index
03. Registration with E-mail And Phone Number.
04. You get a dashboard here seeing certificate fill-up the form correctly and get Tin Certificate easily.

Pay Income Tax On Online

Income Tax you can paid on Online

Let see How To pay Income Tax.

Step 1: Go to: http://www.nbrepayment.gov.bd/
Step 2: Registration for a Fillup Registration Form: 
a) First fillup the form carefully by valid information Example: Name, E-mail Address(---@yahoo.com, ---@gmail.com,etc) etc. 
b) Login ID must be Unique 
c) If u want to see Terms & Condition then you can see it & Click to Close Button. 
d) Complete fillup the form --> Click to I Agree and Create Account Button
e) After Creating an Account, will Show this Message & Check your E-mail that you
provide when fills up the form.
Step 3: Activation Mail: a) You receive a mail from admin@nbrepayment.gov.bd address, like below- 
b) Then click the http://www.nbrepayment.org (Above Red Color Circle) Link and active your
registration as a user & you will see this Portal (Shown as below-).

Pay Online any time any where

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