Echallan Payment System


What is E-challan?

Concepts and contexts E-Challan - A Receipt Window of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

To streamline the government's revenue collection and accounting, reduce harassment of the people, establish discipline and transparency in the financial sector, and above all, for the successful implementation of the government's Digital Bangladesh program, Launched on

In addition to the existing system of depositing government taxes and fees for various services in the bank, arrangements have been made for online submission in this manner.

This method will be considered as an online platform for submitting all government receipts and will be linked to Bangladesh Bank's National Payment Gateway in the future.

Initially, the facility of depositing passport fees, police clearance fees, and national identity card fees through Sonali Bank's payment gateway has been introduced in the receipt window of the government. Funding facilities for other government receipts will be introduced in phases.

Priorities and Objectives:

Introduce the facility of depositing treasury invoices electronically;

Facilitate the process of payment of service fees for government service aspirants;

Ensuring timely deposit of money including prevention of fake invoice submission and revenue evasion;

Establishing discipline and transparency in the financial sector including increasing government receipts.

Benefits provided:

Payment of 18 easy-to-understand thematic or specific service-based invoices online;

Making deposits at specific bank counters;

Invoice form filling and printing;

Zero invoice form print;

Create your own account by registering for the user;

Institutional Receipt Report.

Extraordinary achievement

Prevention of wastage of money and time including relief of suffering;

Invoice means immediate deposit in government treasury;

Automatically provide the total invoice number and deposit information to the registered customer;

Provide real-time based information on the total receipts of government agencies

E-Challan Payment Method

You can pay the E-challan

  • Income tax, VAT, customs, and duties
  • Land service
  • Passport, visa, and national identity card
  • Vehicles and transportation
  • Utility services for government employees
  • Agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and forest products
  • Security, defense, and public safety
  • Health, public health, and the environment
  • Deposits of government institutions

How To pay challan?

Step 1: Go To
Step 2: Select the fee you want to pay
Step 3: Entry Your Name Carefully It's Not Correctional.

Online Chalan Verification

If you want, you can verify your invoice by going to the following link.
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