Education Academic Annual Holidays 2021 in Bangladesh


The government has approved the list of holidays and syllabus for the 2021 academic year in public-private secondary and lower secondary schools in the run-up to the middle of next year amid the coronavirus situation.

This time too, there will be a total of 85 days of leave on the occasion of different days, including the three-day leave reserved by the headmaster.

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The Ministry of Education has given several instructions by scheduling various examinations in the holiday list.

The list of holidays and syllabus from the Government Secondary-1 branch of the Ministry of Education has been sent to the Director-General of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education on Monday (December 26).

Notable holidays include Holy Ramadan, May Day, Buddha Full Moon, Baishakhi Full Moon, Shab-i-Qadr, Jumatul Bida and Eid-ul-Fitr.

Besides, schools will be closed for 12 days from July 16 to July 29 during the holy Eid-ul-Azha and summer vacation. Durga Puja, Eid-e-Miladunnabi, Lakshmi Puja and Pravarana Purnima will be closed for 9 days from 11 October to 20 October.

There will be a 13-day holiday from December 15 to December 29 to commemorate the winter break, Victory Day, the birth of Jesus Christ or the big day.

The examination schedule is to complete the half-yearly / pre-election examination from 12 June to 24 June, the electoral examination from 26 September to 10 October and the annual examination from 26 November to 11 December.

After taking these tests within 12 days, the results have been directed to be published on July 10, November 8 and December 30, respectively.

The academic year will be from January 1 to December 31. The first working day i.e. January 1 should be celebrated as Textbook Day.

Each educational institution shall ensure the acceptance of half-yearly examinations, selective examinations, and annual examinations as per the schedule of the said examinations and the answer sheets of the annual examinations should be kept for at least one year. The duration of each test will not be more than 14 days.

Self-school examination question papers (excluding public examinations) will be prepared by them. Under no circumstances can the test be taken by purchasing question papers from outside.

Test date cannot be changed. However, in order to change the date of the examination for any special reason, the prior permission of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education has to be taken.

The total number of holidays per year is 75 days except weekly leave (Friday). The 75 days will be included in the days which are declared public holidays by the government and public holidays in the executive order.

School leave cannot be given on the occasion of visit of any government official and classes of students cannot be closed on the occasion of reception/inspection. Students cannot be made to stand on the road to show respect to the person being welcomed/visited.

The school should be kept open if necessary for admission / other examination to be held during the holidays.

Schools need to be kept open for stipend, admission test, the final examination of primary education, junior school certificate etc.

Class activities will continue as usual in schools other than examination centers during JSC / SSC examinations.

Every school has to print a diary called Daily Lesson Description and distribute it among the students at the beginning of the academic year. The diary will include student introductions, parental advice, student code of conduct, teachers' names and educational qualifications, urgent guidelines for religious ethics education, holiday lists and class routines (which must be signed by parents every day).

Classes wil be closed on nationally important days such as: 11 February, 16 March, 26 March, 15 August and 16 December. However, the day should be celebrated in the school by organizing various programs on the subject of the respective day.

Each school will have to organize creative talent search competitions and observe Education Week as per the schedule announced by the government.

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