Facebook Marketing Can be a Source of Income

Facebook Marketing Can be a Source of Income

We all know more or less what is happening in today's digital world. And in the digital world, everything is digital. Nothing is the same as before, everything is digital now. And in the digital touch of the digital world, the touch of modernity has come in everything.

And the touch of that modernity is most worn on Facebook. And by using that Facebook, people are now earning money, marketing on Facebook. Learn about Facebook marketing.

Harvard University is one of the world's leading educational institutions. The brain of every student in this university is as big as the Atlantic Ocean and the thinking of the students of that university is as vast as the Great Wall of China.

Mark Zuckerberg was a student at Harvard who fell in love with computer technology. Now we know this Mark Zuckerberg name quite well.

If only he had known this mark once in the circle of his friends on campus. The invention of Facebook was originally aimed at creating an online network for Harvard students. Later, this Facebook became known all over the world very fast. Facebook, which came into the hands of Harvard University's Mark Zuckerberg, is now a great medium of business.

Facebook is a social media. Through it, we can communicate with friends, exchange pictures and so on and so forth. Facebook was founded in 2004 by Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook marketing is a part of digital marketing. Facebook is not only one of the most popular social media and Facebook is number one, but Facebook is also one of the most popular social media. Facebook marketing is the promotion of a product or service through Facebook.

In a word, the advertisement that is given on Facebook is called Facebook marketing. Any kind of post can be given on Facebook through money, which is shown on the Facebook user's newsfeed as a sponsor. Posts like these usually appear in your newsfeed as sponsored posts.

Post through a Facebook page or you can run your promotion through various audio, video, text. And if you want, you can do this aids through an expert.

Facebook is the most popular social media in the world today. Facebook is now used by billions of people and even popular in Bangladesh. So if you do social media marketing, you must do Facebook marketing.

What are the benefits of Facebook marketing in Bangladesh?

1. Millions of people in Bangladesh are using Facebook. How would you feel if thousands and millions of people took your product service from there? For this reason, if you want, you can boost the post of Facebook page paid promotion page.

2. You can promote through the page depending on the specific age, gender, etc. For example: if you promote a smartphone or body spray targeting 18-25 year olds, then many people will buy your product.

However, if you target 50-60 year olds in the promotion of body spray, then that amount of cells will not come. Again if you target girls or women by targeting gender but the product promotes Punjabi.

Boys will then have relatively fewer cells. On the other hand, in this lockdown situation, many people are now buying smartphones for online classes. If you can sell smartphones through the page, then you can earn a good amount by marketing on Facebook.

Then now it is winter and in winter everyone has their eyes on beautiful hoodies, tracksuits, jackets. In all these cases, you can target and promote Bangladeshi youth. Just before the promotion is a good target, select the right age and then promote it will generate a good income for you.

3. You can target and promote people in any specific area. For example: if you think that your business is not possible to arrange your delivery, courier service only outside Dhaka in Dhaka, then you can only promote the people of Dhaka by targeting them without promoting them all over the country. I think you live in Bogra and Bogra curd is very popular. If you want, you can highlight the service of selling Bogra Yogurt through Facebook page.

4. Any of your product services can go viral at any time so Facebook is one of the best. Suppose you sell a smartphone online through a Facebook page, usually before the new smartphones spread all over Bangladesh at the very beginning, if that smartphone comes to you, many will stumble and order from you.

Then suppose you sell jerseys, usually very popular in the jersey market of European club football. Now jerseys of any European club come to you first in Bangladesh, then people are forced to buy jerseys from you.5. Suppose you can draw very good pictures, you can draw many beautiful sketches, now this is your skill. You will first open a Facebook page where you can share sketches or pictures drawn by your friends or loved ones.

Then when you provide the service, many people will ask you to draw sketches or pictures for themselves with the people of their choice, then you will get paid for that work. You can promote your page when some likes like: 1000 likes come slowly.

Or you can boost a post on your own page and Many people will draw, sketch and draw from you after seeing your post. And then you can earn money by drawing and sketching these pictures.

Suppose you live in Rajshahi Summer mangoes in Rajshahi are known all over the country. If you have a mango orchard in Rajshahi or get acquainted with the owner of the mango orchard, you can earn thousands of rupees by buying good quality mangoes from there by marketing on Facebook and it is also possible.

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