How to do video conferencing with Google Meet | Shortcut link

How to do video conferencing with Google Meet

Video conferencing services are being discontinued by many countries due to concerns over the security of Zoom. 

At the same time, Google says that at least 100 million people are using Google Meet every day. How to use Google Meet Gmail business and education services can be easily used by anyone. 

To use it, you must first log in to Gmail. Then click on the Google Apps menu there. Hangout Meet video conferencing service is available there. Click on Meet. After clicking on Meet, you can start a new meeting or join a meeting. 

Also, if you want to get the Google Meet service directly, you have to go to this address Join or Start a meeting If you want to give, you have to give his code. Or if you want to create a new meeting, enter the name of the meeting and click there, the new meeting will start. Now you can invite others to that meeting via email. 

To copy the URL of the meeting and send it to the email. Then he can click on the URL and join the meeting.

Shortcut link of Google Meet

Many people are now using Google Meet in online conversations. To make this service a little easier, the company added a .new link with Google Meet. Xavier Salter, manager and vice president of Google G Suite, confirmed the matter. From now on, he said, the ( link will work. You're welcome. '

If you type meet in English in a web browser, it will act as a shortcut link and Google will take you to meet. The link that is created when you click 'Start a Meeting' in Gmail will be used as a link to conduct online video conferencing.

This week, Google added a shortcut to the Meet video call service to the Gmail app on the Android and iOS platforms. Those who have not yet received this benefit, they will get it soon. Smartphone users will see the Meet tab in their Gmail app after getting this facility. In that tab, you will also get a list of all the Google Meet Calls in the calendar.

Google is working to add new features like this to take their video conferencing platform further.

Last April, Google announced the launch of their Meet service for free. Earlier the service was part of the Google G Suite, which basically serves as a productivity solution for merchants. Google says there will be a free one-hour call. 

However, Google has stated that there will be no fixed time limit till September 30.

Google Meet also has specific apps, which have been downloaded more than 50 million times in the Play Store.

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