How to Know Your Phone Real or Fake?

How to Know Your Phone Real or Fake?

Now illegal mobiles are found everywhere in the market. So new mobile buyers are worried about this. However, the days of illegally arriving, cloned or stolen handsets are coming to an end.

The National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) is about to be launched. As a result, the country's mobile network can no longer be contacted with illegal handsets.

After the introduction of NEIR, these mobiles do not have the SIM of any mobile phone operator.

BTRC has the correct IMEI verification method to see if the phone is invalid or counterfeit.

Anyone can type KYD in the message and send it to 16002 with a 15 digit IMEI number of the handset with a space to know whether the IMEI number is stored in the BTRC database in the return SMS.

If there is IMEI number in BTRC database then it should be understood that the handset is valid. IMEI number can be seen in the folder of the new handset.

In that case * # /,. Etc. Apart from special marks, only 15 numbers have to be taken for SMS in BTRC.

The 15-digit IMEI number used in the mobile phone can be found by dialing * # 0 ৬ # on the handset used.

So selling illegal phones can no longer be done. Customers will get the original phone.

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