How to Correction Certificate in Bangladesh


How to Correction Certificate in Bangladesh

Certificate correction can be done online or offline. 

However, online correction can be a good way to avoid the hassle of brokers or third parties. Filling out the form by hand can often be a problem with handwriting or a problem for those in charge of the board. So it is convenient to go online apply its very easy we say to you how to apply online.

Firstly you have need some document

Required Documents blow:

* Notary public

In order to correct the mistake of name or date of birth through a lawyer, a notary or affidavit has to be made first. If the candidate is more than 18 years of age in case of correction of his own name, he can affidavit himself. If the candidate is below 18 years of age or if the candidate wants to correct the name of his / her parents, then the non-judicial stamp has to be affidavit by the father of the candidate from the first class magistrate or notary public.

* Advertising in newspapers

Must give notice in a daily newspaper. This must be done after the affidavit is executed. The notification mentions the name of the candidate's certificate, father's name, mother's name, branch, year of examination, name of the examination center, roll number, name of the board and date of birth which you want to correct (candidate's name, father's name, mother's name or date of birth).

After completing these two tasks, go directly with the above mentioned two papers and your parents' name or their certificate or National ID card / birth certificate if you have corrected your name in the school or college where you have studied. You can't do this at home. Because it is done using the EIIN and password of the college.

* Applicant Photo

* Applicant/Father's/Mother's NID card or Birth Certificate will be required.  

Online Certificate Name Correction Cost:

* Advertisement in newspapers 500 BDT (may cost more or less)
* Notary public BDT 500 (may take more or less)
* Application fee 556 × 2 = 1118 BDT (SSC and HSC) Different board fees are different. Such as 558 of Dhaka Board, 1037 of Dinajpur Board, 1027 of Rajshahi Boards set their fees also same us Other Bangladesh Education Board.
Certificate Withdrawal Fee 558 × 2 = 1118 Taka (Per 2 Certificate)

In all, your cost may be around 3 and a half thousand BDT.

It may take 3 months or more for the application process to be completed after deposit.

Sylhet Education Board Online Apply:
Dhaka Education Board Online Apply:

All Education Board are separated Application Link 

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