How to Get E-passport | E-passport FAQ

How to Get  E-passport | E-passport FAQ

Finally, Bangladesh is entering the era of e-passport. In the meantime, e-passports of the President and the Prime Minister have been prepared. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the event at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in the capital on Wednesday (January 22nd). After that e-passport has been opened for everyone. Inaugurating the event, the Prime Minister said e-passport is a gift of Mujib's year for the people.

According to the Department of Passport and Immigration (DPI), the first e-passport will be received by the citizens of the country. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In the meantime, digital photos and digital signatures of both of them have been collected for e-passports. Bangladesh will launch e-passport as the 19th country in the world by providing their e-passport.

First, e-passport activities will be started at Uttara, Jatrabari and Agargaon passport offices in the capital. This passport service will be launched across the country by 2020 in phases. 25,000 e-passports will be issued every day.

Find out how to get this new technology passport.

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E-passport application

Fill in the online application form and submit a new passport. In that case, you have to deposit the money through the bank online and use the referral number code provided by the bank in the online application form. If anyone wants, they can also submit a passport fee with debit and credit card. After filling and submitting the required information, a print copy should be taken. That copy has to be physically submitted to the passport office. Even if the application form does not require a photo and attestation, police verification will be required.

PDF forms can be downloaded and filled in by hand without filling online. No need to attest to the picture while filling the form. However, in the case of adults, submission of national identity card and in case of minors, registration of birth certificate has been made compulsory.

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The passport office will collect demographic information, 10 fingerprints, corneal pictures and digital signatures for the e-passport at the time of submission of application. This information will be stored on the servers of the Central Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center through verification and selection. Besides, passports will be distributed to regional passport offices and embassies after printing of passports at the Personalization Center for issuing passports to passport applicants. All data will be attached to the chip. All the information will come out as soon as the immigration police hold the passport page in front of the special device.

How many days will you get the e-passport?

E-passports of 5 and 10 years duration and 48 and 64 pages will be available with different fees including 15 percent VAT. In case of new passport, it will be available in three days of emergency, seven days in case of emergency and 21 days in case of general passport application. However, in case of re-issuance of old or expired passport, the urgent passport will be available in two days, the emergency passport in three days and the ordinary passport in seven days.

What is the fee for e-passport?

For applicants in Bangladesh, the general fee for a 48-page five-year e-passport is Tk 3,500, the emergency fee is Tk 5,000 and the emergency fee is Tk 8,000. For a 10-year 48-page passport, the general fee is Tk 5,000, the emergency fee is Tk 8,000 and the very urgent fee is Tk 9,000.

Besides, for a five-year term e-passport of 64 pages, the general fee is Tk 5,000 and a half, the emergency fee is Tk 8,000 and the emergency fee is Tk 10,500. The normal fee for a 10-year 64-page e-passport is Tk 8,000, the emergency fee is Tk 9,000 and the very urgent fee is Tk 12,000.

E-passport facility

According to the Passport Department, the e-passport will have 36 types of security features. The information currently in the MRP database will be transferred to the e-passport. Passport will be valid for five and 10 years. MRP passport will not be canceled as soon as e-passport is introduced. However, if one's passport expires, he will have to take e-passport instead of MRP.

The e-passport will have the same type of books as the current passport. However, the e-passport does not currently have two pages containing the person's information at the beginning of the passport book. There will be a card made of polymer. This card will contain a chip. Passport carrier information will be stored on that chip.

All e-passport information will be stored centrally in the Public Key Directory (PKD). This international database is operated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). All aviation and land port authorities in the world, including Interpol, can enter the database and verify the information.

If the e-passport holder applies for a visa at the embassy of a country, the authority will automatically verify the information stored in the PKD with the applicant's information and accept the application and affix the visa sticker or cancel the seal on the book page. The land and airport immigration authorities will enter the PKD in the same manner to verify the e-passport information.

According to the Passport Department, an automatic border control management system will be introduced in every airport and land port of the country by installing e-gates as per the demand. Those who have e-passports will have to cross the border through this gate. However, for those who have an MRP passport, the immigration process will continue in an existing manner.

In e-passport, project director Brigadier General Saidur Rahman Khan told Sarabangla that e-passport booklets would be collected under the project. Of this, 20 lakh books will be imported directly. And 26 million books will be made in the country

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