MuktoPaath e-Learning platform In Bangladesh | Course & Registration Process

MuktoPaath e-Learning platform In Bangladesh | Course & Registration Process

MuktoPaath the big e-learning Platform in Bangladesh. 

Firstly we are telling about founded

After inaugurating the month-long Ekushey Book Fair 2018 on the premises of Bangla Academy on February 1,  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the e-learning service 'Muktapaath', which is made all over Bengal, from the digital information center of the fair. The theme of the service is 'Learn ... wherever you want'. Teachers and students, as well as anyone who is interested, can participate in the online course through the free lessons created by the Access to Information (A2I) program of the Prime Minister's Office. The address of the portal is:

An online course titled 'Creating Multimedia Content' has been launched in open text so that teachers from all over the country can teach online. 

MuktoPaath Platform have many online course.

Currently at a glance

Total Students: 1066487

Total Course: 187

Running Course: 84

Partners:  54

MuktoPaath Course  Category

  • Information technology
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Skill development
  • Health
  • Freelancing
  • Self-employment
  • Mathematics
  • Personal development
  • Training
  • Journalism
  • Overseas employment
All Course Free

Course Registration Process

Muktopaath Course & Registration Process

For registration go to :
See top Manu bar Click on: Registration 
Muktopaath Course & Registration Process

Registration procedure instructions

Muktopaath Course & Registration Process

  1. Fill in your full name.
  2. Choose your profession.
  3.  Select your gender.
  4. Fill in the email or phone number.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Fill in the password to confirm.
  7. Click on the "Register" button.
    Check your email or phone number. One in your email or phone number verification code sent.
  8. Verify the account with the verification code.

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