National Identification Card Correction for Bangladesh

National Identification Card Correction for Bangladesh

Correction of NID: In case of correction of information, the applicant must apply with supporting document. In all cases, SSC certificate will get priorities.

Lets Get Start

Firstly See some FAQ

How to correct card information?

You have to apply to NID Registration Wing / Upazila / Thana / District Election Office to correct the wrong information. Adequate suitable documents for amendment should be attached with the application.

What are the certificates to be submitted for correction if the father / husband / mother is mistakenly mentioned as dead?

In order to correct the identity card due to mistaken reference of living father / husband / mother as dead, the identity card of the concerned person has to be submitted.

What documents need to be submitted with the application to correct the spelling of one's / father's / husband's / mother's name?

Attested copy of SSC / Equivalent Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship House, Certificate of Employment, Marriage Certificate, Attested Copy of National Identity Card of Father / Spouse.

How To Apply NID Correction Online?

Step 1: Go to Bangladesh Election Commission Service Portal

Step 2: Go To Registration Page

Step 3: Go to I want to fill the registration form

Step 4: Register with National Identity Card Number, Date of Birth

Step 5: Apply for NID Correction with Supporting Documents

Step 6: Payment Required Amount

            See How to Payment 

Payment Method NID Correction

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