Prottoyon Online Service Bangladesh

Prottoyon Online Service Bangladesh

Every citizen of Bangladesh needs a certificate from the Counselor's Office (such as character, nationality, inheritance, and almost all types) for different needs (such as employment, higher education, etc.).

Certificates from the councilor's office were subject to the considerable time before application and collection. The people's representatives are busy with various development works in the area and as a result, they cannot give full time in the office. As a result, the application, verification, and issuance of citizens' certificates were subject to considerable time. It would have wasted a lot of working time of a citizen to get the certificate. Also, as the space for the councilor's office was not quite large, it would have been very difficult to accommodate the citizens if more applications were received at the same time.

As a solution to these problems, I and my team of Olivine Ltd. and with the help of A2I have developed the Portal portal with all the basic needs of the citizens in one address. As a result, now any citizen of Bangladesh can easily apply for all the certificates of the councilor's office online and receive the certificate at home.

Besides, any certificate receiving institution or authority can immediately verify the certificate on this portal

I am hopeful that this innovative initiative of mine to bring “service to the doorsteps of the people” will increase the confidence and satisfaction of the citizens in the government service in fulfilling the pledge of Digital Bangladesh directed by Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and ICT Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy. Portal Connected 

1 City Corporation

6 Municipality

1 union

26325 registered Citizens

14626 beneficiaries Citizens


Prottoyon Online Service Bangladesh

Annual Income Certificate

Certificate of Inheritance

Death certificate

Certificate of nationality

Landless certificate

Certificate of Character

Freedom fighter certificate

Tribal Charter

Orphan Certificate

Married certificate

Certificate of monthly income

Unmarried certificate

Certificate of remarriage

Unemployment certificate

Miscellaneous certificates


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If you register you can get this service. 

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