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3 Link to Upload Primary Stipends Data on Pesp Mynagad

How to enter and update the information of primary education stipend in cash portal After Sure Cash, the government will provide primary education stipend through digital transaction cash of postal department. To this end, the government has opened a cash live portal and opened user IDs and passwords for teachers. Today's tune is about how to enter and update the information of primary education stipend in the cash portal.

For the readers of, I will try to discuss the rules and guidelines regarding the entry and update of primary school stipend information on the cash live portal

Here are some things you can learn from this article:

1. All the rules and instructions related to the entry of information on primary education stipend in the Nagad live portal.

2. How to upload student primary education stipend information.

3. Kiki will collect information from parents.

4. How to get the password of Nagad stipend portal.

Provision of stipend for primary education under the auspices of Primary Education Project 3rd Phase Project Director (Additional Secretary) Ms. Yusuf Ali signed a circular dated 28th December stating that the primary stipend of the educational institution has been uploaded in the cash portal.

As you are already aware, the Department of Primary Education has entered into an agreement with the Postal Department's Digital Financial Services 'Cash'.

As a service provider, he has mentioned the Digital Financial Services Cash of the Postal Department in their stipend portal dated 26/12/2020.

Note that this is the first time that the head teachers of all educational institutions will use their own User ID and Password to enter the ebbs live.

The instructions attached to the described activities are sent to them for the next necessary activities.

Necessary instructions regarding live entry of beneficiaries' information in the stipend portal prepared by the Digital Financial Services of the Postal Department in Nagad:

1. Head Teachers will use the EMIS Code of their educational institution as a User ID. Password will be paid by ‘cash’ on the mobile of the concerned Upazila Education Officer. They will reset the password at their convenience and will keep the password confidential.

2. The mother's NID number and SIM registered by the said NID should be used in the portal. If this is not the case then the valid guardian's mobile number can be used.

Note that the mobile number that you will provide in the portal must be active, accurate and under the control of the guardian.

3. Students who get 40% marks in each subject in the annual examination will have to be selected as the beneficiaries of the stipend.

The cash portal displays the data of all the beneficiaries who were given stipends by Rupali Bank SureCash in the 3rd installment of the financial year 2019-20 (January-March / 2020).

The need to be from these data. The list of beneficiaries of the 2020 stipend by addition, subtraction, modification, modification, refinement and the 4th (April-June / 2020) installment of the 2019 stipend for disbursement of the stipend will have to be completed by 10/1/2010.

A guide in this regard has been provided in the portal.

Link to 'Nagad' stipend portal -

User ID is the EMIS Code of the educational institution

All field level officers will call 0960961717 call center number for any query regarding live entry in the portal.

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Next Article i will show how to Update Information on Nagad Portal

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