Ways to Recover Deleted Photos and Mobile Numbers from Phone

3 Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on Any Android Device

Many times important pictures or phone numbers are accidentally deleted from the phone. What to do at this time? Many do not know that. Recovering deleted pictures or numbers from the phone is not a difficult task. It is possible to get back easily if you want. But let's find out, how to recover pictures and numbers-

Currently, many new apps have come out to recover lost data, pictures, etc. of mobile phones. These apps are available by searching in Google Play Store. If you download any one of these apps, you can recover the picture or number.

To recover photos: For those who use Android phones, download a third-party app like Deleted Photo Recovery from the Play Store to recover deleted photos and videos from their devices. Then you can find your picture or number right now using the scan option in the app.

IPhone users can do the job more easily. The latest version of the iPhone has a separate folder in the Photos app called Deleted Photos. Where recently deleted photos are stored for up to a month. However, if you delete something permanently, you will need to use iCloud or iTunes to recover lost data.

Contact & Text Recovery: You can use the Android Data Recovery app to recover lost contact list, text and even deleted photos from your mobile. It works on all types of Android devices. You can get the deleted numbers back by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, if you are an iPhone user, use iTunes to get back to the contact list and text. Once in iTunes, click on the top right corner. Then click on the backup option. Then you will see that all the contact lists and texts that are backed up in iTunes on your iOS device will be recovered.

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