Corona Virus Update Bangladesh : Lowest Death Rate in Eight and a Half Months


Corona Virus Update Bangladesh

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has killed eight people across the country in the last 24 hours. This is the lowest death in 24 hours in the last eight and a half months. The death toll from the virus rose to 7,950.

In the last 24 hours, 15,459 samples were collected and 15,410 samples were tested in 199 laboratories. The total number of sample tests stood at 35 lakh 7.

At the same time, 756 patients were identified in the sample test. With this, the total number of identified patients in the country stood at five lakh 29 thousand 6 people.

Meanwhile, 618 people, including asymptomatic patients, have recovered in the last 24 hours at various hospitals and homes in the country, including the capital. So far, a total of four lakh 74 thousand 462 people have recovered.

Wednesday (January 20) in the afternoon, the Additional Director General of the Department of Health. This information was given in a press release signed by Nasima Sultana.

According to the notification, the detection rate in 24 hours is 4.28 percent. So far, the detection rate is 15.13 percent considering the sample test and the recovery rate considering the detection is 69.56 percent. The identified mortality rate is 1.50 percent.

The first coronavirus patient was identified in the country on March 6 and the first corona patient died on March 16. Of the total 7,950 deaths as of Wednesday, 6,026 were men (85.60 percent) and 1,924 were women (24.0 percent).

Analysis of the age of the dead shows that out of eight people who died in 24 hours, one was thirty-one, forty-one, fifty-one and sixty-five. Of the eight, seven are in Dhaka division and one in Chittagong.

Source: Department of Health Bangladesh

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