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Bangladesh Top Ad Network

Bangladesh has some Ad Network website where start earning money from home. If you have a website and Google AdSense not approved your site you can add AdSense Alternative Bangladeshi Ad Network. 

Today I will talk to you about the top ad network in Bangladesh.

There were some ad networks in Bangladesh. It has been shut down for various reasons. Today I will talk to you about such an ad network. I think for those who have started blogging, one of the best AdSense alternative ad networks. Which can easily earn income from your website visitors.

G&R Ad Network: 

G&R means green and red,  green and red

Bangladesh has a deep connection with red and green. Yes, this ad network company is working for the internet world of our country.

In the global internet world, where Bangla language is deprived, G&R has brought Bangla language to unique status.

If we look at the value of Bangla language in the global internet world, we can see that Bangla content is not supported by many ad networks. If we look at CPC / CPM, it becomes just a name for Bengali language.

It is as if the whole of Bengal is being looked at with one eye. G&R Ad Network seems to be a blessing in disguise at this time of Bengali content.

How to work with G&R Ad Network?

If you have a website or your own Android app, you can work with this ad network.

If you want to submit a website or app, go to the link:

Then if your site complies with their policy there is no adult content/visitors are average then it will be approved.

After being approved, go to to create an ad code that suits your site and place it. If your site has mobile / opera mini visitors, then 320 * 50 And 300 * 250 can use these two sizes of ad code.

CPC or cost per click or per click income depends on the ad campaign. But Google AdSense is just like that or sometimes even better

You can get the payment through development or check and you can trust them 100% about the payment. Some popular websites in Bangladesh are using their ads.

How to join the Publisher program on G & R Ad Network?

First, go to then go to

The Largest Online Ad Market in Bangladesh
Second, Click On Start Monetizing you redirect this page:

The Largest Online Ad Market in Bangladesh
The next step is Publisher Sign up Now signup with your full Details if successfully signup you gen on Dashboard here seeing everything. 
You can Ad Place on this link:
You can also see you're earning on the dashboard
The Largest Online Ad Market in Bangladesh

Note: I will not benefit financially from G&R for posting this post because I have not used any referral link and they do not have a referral system.

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