Top 5 Best App to Remove Duplicate Photo on Phone


Today's new smartphones are capable of taking 5 to 10 pictures with a single click. It has such advantages; There are some difficulties as well. This will fill the storage of your phone in the same picture.

Deleting unnecessary photos can save a lot of space in the phone's storage and cloud storage. However, choosing which of the thousands of unnecessary pictures is a matter of time.

So there are several apps to do this. Let's find out the top 5 apps to delete duplicate pictures on Android phone-

Top 5 Best App to Remove Duplicate Photo

>> You can use the 'Files for Google' app. In this case, open the Files app, select the duplicate card with all permissions and press delete. Duplicate audio, documents, videos, and other files can also be deleted using the app.

>> Another popular Android app Duplicate Cleaner. The app will scan all the pictures of the phone and delete the duplicate pictures. In addition to pictures, this app will delete duplicate audio, documents, etc.

Top 5 Best App to Remove Duplicate Photo

>> Duplicate files can also be deleted with the Sikliner app. This app will take full control of your phone's storage and help with storage optimization without deleting duplicate photos.

>> With the help of Knox Cleaner app you can delete storage optimization and system junk. In addition to junk cleaner, this app has photo booster, antivirus, CPU cooler, image manager, and other features.

>> ‘Remo Duplicate Photo Remover’ is one of the most popular app for deleting duplicate photos. Not only scanning the same picture and finding it, the app can also find the same picture with more than one name.

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