Bangladesh Educational Institution is opening from May 24

Universities open on May 24 Education Minister

After being closed for more than a year, the government has decided to start classes at the university from May 24 (after the holy Eid-ul-Fitr). It has been announced that all the residential halls of the university will be opened from May 16.

Monday (February 22) at noon in a virtual emergency press conference. Dipu Moni informed about this decision.

On March 16 last year, all educational institutions were declared closed to prevent the outbreak of corona. After increasing it by a few steps, the holiday was declared till February 28.

As the prevalence of corona has come down, there have been demands from various quarters since the beginning of this year to reopen the educational institutions. Students of different universities joined the movement.

The latest students of Jahangirnagar University (JU) broke the locks of the gates of the residential halls of the university. After that, the movement has spread to DU, RU, and some other universities.

The education minister said all educational institutions in many countries of the world have been closed due to the Corona situation. We have also closed all levels of educational institutions since March 16. Although no decision has been taken to open secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions at present, it has been decided to open all public and private universities in the country. The class activities of the public university will start on May 24. Earlier, all the residential halls will be opened from May 16.

Dipu Moni said that even if the online classes are running till the class-classes of the university are started, no kind of examination can be taken. Exams will be taken after the opening of the class. University campuses and residential halls that have been closed for a long time will have to be cleaned before the university opens. Instructions have been given to ensure health protection on campus and in halls. The minister also advised to carry out reforms if necessary to ensure hygiene.

He said coronary immunization of teachers, officials, and employees would be ensured before the opening of the university. University classes will start after vaccination. He also said that their vaccination activities have already started.

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