What is Email Marketing? How do you start? ইমেইল মার্কেটিং কি? কিভাবে শুরু করবেন ?

What is Email Marketing? How do you start?

What is Email Marketing?

Before we understand it, we need to understand what marketing is Marketing in the general sense is what we do for the promotion of a product or service. We market in different ways with the help of different mediums. Such as radio, television, newspapers, leaflets, banners, etc. Similarly, in email marketing, email is a medium through which we do marketing.

However, in order to know what email marketing is, you need to have a basic idea about some other things like spam, bounce, email subject, email template, email campaign, etc. Let's find out briefly.

Spam: In the language of email marketing, spam is an unsolicited email that is sent without the user's permission for commercial advertising purposes. We've all seen the spam folder in our email, but it's never checked because all the mail that comes in here is unwanted. All email service providers have some solid filtering through which they know which email will go to inbox and which will go to spam. There are many reasons to go for email spam, some of which are not getting user permission, sending single images, sending only many images without text, (keeping text to image ratio 3: 1), some spamming words like free, offer, etc. email content or subject Email spam can be caused by using this on the line, using extra symbols, sending emails using blocklist IP, email size being more than 30 KB, using affiliate links, etc.

Bounce: Email Bounce means email is rejected. Email bounce can occur for a variety of reasons, including if the email is invalid, if there is no blank space for the receiver's email, if the email provider's server is down, or if it detects any spam or offensive content. There are two types of bounce. 1. Hard Bounce II. Soft bounce. If the email is invalid, it is more likely to bounce hard, but the soft bounce is for the rest of the reasons.

Email Subject: The subject line is what we see as the title after we go to our email. After reading the email subject, we have not decided whether to open the email or not. So the subject of the email is very important. However, if the email subject is consistent with the email and is kept within 50 words, the open rate is likely to be higher.

Email Templates: Email templates are ads that we design and send to email related to our products or services. It is linked to our website and visitors can visit our site via email. You can see some email templates from here.

Email Campaign: An email campaign is a process of sending total emails. Campaigns include creating lists, uploading subscribers, designing sign-up forms, segments, or groups, designing templates, and sending them to specific cast mails.

Why I Do Email Marketing: More than 34% of people in the world use email and 91% of users check email once a day on average. As such, 2.5 billion people use email, which will reach 2.8 billion in the next two years. We regularly check emails as a means of communication. So if we send any offer, coupon code, or advertisement of our products and services in the user's email, then he will have an idea about our products and services and he will be able to take the product and service online by visiting our website. Here are the benefits of email marketing.

It is much more effective (30% and above) than social media.

It is more affordable than marketing in other ways. (Return on Investment $ 44.25 per $ 1 cost in Email Marketing)

It is measurable and easy to use.

Easily accessible to mobile users. (75% of email users check mail on smartphones or tablets)

Call to Action can be sent directly to the client's website.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. In the United States alone, 44% of online marketing is done through email marketing and an average of 20% increase in sales.

How to get started: Suppose you start a new business. But normally you don't have to have an email. In this case, if you want to start email marketing, you can send your product or service advertisement through research (Black Hat Method). But email marketing in this way may or may not be effective for your business. I am giving an example to clear the matter. Suppose you are starting a new shoe business called Viper Shoes. In this case, you do not know who your target customer is. Now, most of the emails that you have collected through research may be invalid. Sending mail to an invalid email will bounce hard. Plus, you'll be getting rid of the clutter you don't need. Because you must have a certain amount of money behind sending it. So through some email verifier software, you have to delete the valid emails first. Such as kickbox, bulk email checker is a very good email checker. After deleting these valid emails, 50% of the people you send emails to may not be interested in your product or service. But if you want, you can kill your target cast from here

Can find out. With the help of email marketing tools, you can easily track who opened your mail, how much money or product you took, etc. Tracked and segmented those who are opening your mail and took them to another list. But don't worry, if you convert 2% and sales from here, the amount may be huge. Suppose someone takes your product or service after that and if they open the email then you are successful. Sales will be today or tomorrow but it is a lot that you have given them the idea of ​​your product or service. Your primary goal should be to create an idea of ​​your product or service in the minds of buyers.

Now let's see how to get emails from our targeted or desired customers. This method is called White Hat Method. In this way, you will collect emails with the permission of the customers which is called the double option. The double option means that you will collect emails through the signup form so that my customers will sign up voluntarily and after signing up, a confirmation email will be sent to their email to verify whether their email is valid. Their email list will be added to your database only if they click confirm after signing up and you will receive emails from 100% of your business targeted and valid customers in this way.

Various email marketing tools provide embedded code to integrate their sign up form into your website. And if your site is done in WordPress, then there are more benefits. You can integrate it yourself with different plugins. The advantage of integrating a website sign up form is that visitors to your site may not visit your site every day. So if he signs up in the sign-up form of your website, then if you send any of your offers or advertisements in his mail, then he will visit your site again and will be able to take his desired product or service. This way you can increase your engagement with your regular cast. Moreover, if you want, you can find out the mail of your targeted customers by promoting your sign up form through social media. This way, you can get your target customers out of the mail and build a list, and then send ads for your product or service.

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