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Car Insurance: Thus two types of insurance policies can be attained through bima bd, for the Tariff Private Vehicle Motor Insurance in Bangladesh.

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What is Car Insurance?

Cheap auto insurance In Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh car insurance companies

List Of Car Insurance Companies In Bangladesh:

01. Pragati Insurance Limited

02. Green Delta Insurance Company Limited (GDIC)

03. bimabd com (Online Insurance Company)

04. Provati Insurance Company Limited


06. Pragati Life Insurance Limited

07. Pioneer Insurance Company Limited

08. Meghna Insurance Company Limited

09. Meghna Insurance Company Limited

Best car insurance

Bangladesh has many Insurance companies bima bd is best for car insurance.

Car Insurance Bangladesh

Details about Car insurance Bangladesh policy from Our website-

The online motor insurance provided through Bangladesh Insurance Company is applicable for all vehicles which are acknowledged under private registration and used for private purposes and not used for hire or reward, which shall come under the scope of the Private Vehicles Motor Insurance. The vehicles are classed on the basis of the registration and the purposes of use but not on the basis of the design or type.

The core reason car insurance is required is because of your liability in the case of a mishap, i.e., responsibility, for any damage you cause. Although you may carry optional comprehensive, first-party, and collision coverage for your vehicle, the laws mandate every motor vehicle to carry insurance coverage for bodily injury and property damage insurance of the third party. Thus two types of insurance policies can be attained through bima bd, for the Tariff Private Vehicle Motor Insurance in Bangladesh.

1. Act Liability, Third Party Accidental Coverage.

2. Comprehensive/ First Party Accidental Coverage.

What is car insurance? 

Car insurance protects you from damage caused by accidents, thefts and disasters, and the cost of repairing them. It totally depends on the policy you choose.

How much money is needed for Insurance Car?

Car insurance is a mandatory subject to drive on the road without legal complications. You can insure 2 types of private cars in Bangladesh such as 3rd party and 1st party. The cost of doing 3rd party insurance is much less, the insurance premium can be from BDT 450 to BDT 530 depending on the CC and model of the car. For example, how to determine the 3rd party insurance premium is as follows: Suppose your motorcycle is 1500 cc, then the insurance premium will be as follows - Insurance Act premium - 250 rupees, 1 passenger per seat 45 rupees, and driver's seat 30 BDT. Adding 15% VAT on it. On the other hand, 1st party insurance premium is determined by looking at the price, CC, and model of the private car.

কার ইন্সুরেন্স কী? 

কোনো দুর্ঘটনা, চুরি এবং বিপর্যয়ের কারণে হওয়া ক্ষতি এবং সেগুলির মেরামতের দরুণ হওয়া ব্যয় থেকে কার ইন্সুরেন্স আপনাকে সুরক্ষা দেয়৷ এটি সম্পূর্ণরূপে আপনার বেছে নেওয়া পলিসির উপর নির্ভর করে।

NB: Third-party insurance not mandatory for vehicles: BRTA

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