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Jahangirnagar University Admission 

Jahangirnagar University (JU) Admission Circular 2020-2021 - ju-admission.org

Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular 2020-2021. Jahangirnagar University (JU) Admission Circular 2020-21 is published on the University Admissions Website ju-admission.org. This post discusses in detail about Jahangirnagar University (JU) Admission Eligibility and Distribution, Application Rules.

Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular 2020-2021

Jahangirgarh University (JU) is a leading public university in Bangladesh. The university has 34 departments and 3 institutes and has a total of 189 seats. According to the information, a total of 3 lakh 59 thousand 982 students have completed the application process for the 2019-20 academic year against 1,069 seats. In other words, 191 candidates took part in the examination for each seat.

Today we will discuss Jahangirgarh University Admission Application, Eligibility, Distribution of Questions, Number of Seats and other important information.

JU Admission Improtant Date & Time

Primary application

Application start: 20 June 2021

Last date of application: 31 July 2021

Application fee:

Final application

1st Step application: 

2nd  Step application: 

Application Fee: 

Other information

Admission test: The date has not been fixed yet.

Admit Card: Will be notified.

Admission: I Will be informed.

Admission website link: juniv-admission.org
JU Admission Circular
JU Admission Minimum eligibility to apply

The qualifications required to apply to any of the 10 units of Jahangirnagar University are mentioned below:
1) Students who have passed the secondary / equivalent examination in 2018 or later and the higher / secondary examination in 2019 or 2020 will be able to apply.
2) Total GPA will be calculated including optional subjects of Secondary / Equivalent and Higher Secondary / Equivalent examinations.
3) Students with the required qualifications can apply to any unit.

Unit-based application eligibility

Only eligible students can apply in different units. However, before applying, you need to know about the application eligibility of the unit to which you want to apply. Click on the option of your choice from below to know about the unit based application eligibility.

A unit application eligibility
B Unit Application Eligibility
C Unit Application Eligibility
C1 Unit Application Eligibility
D Unit Application Eligibility
E Unit Application Eligibility
F Unit Application Eligibility
G Unit Application Eligibility
H Unit Application Eligibility
I Unit Application Eligibility

Unit introduction

Jahangirnagar University has a total of 10 units. Those who want to take the admission test in Jahangirnagar University should know all the units well.

The name of the unit is the name of the faculty/institute
A Unit Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
B Unit Faculty of Sociology
C Unit Faculty of Arts and Humanities
C1 Unit Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Department of Drama and Drama Theory and Department of Fine Arts)
D Unit Faculty of Biology
E Unit Faculty of Business Studies
F Unit Faculty of Law
G Unit Institute of Business Administration (IBA-JEU)
H Unit Institute of Information Technology (IIT)
I Unit Bangabandhu Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture

Jahangirnagar University Circular

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