Easy Way to Get Increment from Pay Fixation


Many of you want to know how to easily get out of Pay Fixation Increment. Today I will discuss how you can find out the increase in both mobile and desktop. I hope you read this post in full to know the whole, I hope you will not have any more questions.

What is Pay Fixation?

What exactly is pay fixation? Is it an urgent matter? Pay fixation is basically a system of submitting information about the salaries of government employees. No one other than government employees can use this system. The project was undertaken to digitize the salaries of government employees. It is also called online salary determination in Bengali. This process is not only for those who have just joined the job, they have worked for many years or they have to submit this pay fixation even if the promotion and salary scale increases.

Why pay fixation or why is it important?

Simply put, the government determines your salary based on the pay fixation you provide. Then you understand why it is important. If you have just joined, if you do not submit it, your salary will not be allocated by the government in your name. Also, if your salary changes due to change of scale, promotion, selection grade, time scale, etc. while you are employed, if you do not submit it, you will get new salary or you will continue to get salary on old scale. I hope you understand the importance of this.

What do you need now?

1. National Identity Card

2. Mobile phone number

3. Soft copy of Office Order relating to Salary Determination and all related documents such as, Recruitment, Transfer, Timescale, Selection Grade, Higher Grade, Salary Rescheduling etc. (PDF / JPEG format)

4. Soft copy of Educational Certificate, Joining Certificate, Health Certificate etc. in new recruitment (in PDF / JPEG format)

5. ‘Verification Number’ for fixing salary on 01/08/2015 for fixing salary other than current and new recruitment

Printing system

Source: IBAS - Integrated Budget And Accounting System

How to find increments with computer / mobile?

Step 1: Go to ibas.finance.gov.bd/ibas2 this link first. After entering this link, a website will open in front of you. Read all the data here very carefully. Don't leave out one. All the data is very important. And when you give any data, always double-check whether something is wrong. Otherwise you may be in danger again. Now click on the next step button.

Pay Fixation Increment

Step 2: In this step you will get some urgent instructions. Please read all the precautions before ticking the red marked option. Then press Next.

Easy Way to Get Increment from Pay Fixation

Step 3: In this step you have been given a notice. Read this notice carefully and press yes button.

Pay Fixation থেকে Increment বের করার সহজ উপায়

Step 4: In this step you will see different options. First you get the running form, new recruitment, new recruitment (salary related), promotion, timescale, selection grade, form of nationalization secondary college, higher grade and finally increment. I have discussed increments here so I have selected increments. You will select according to the type of your desired form.

Pay Fixation মোবাইল দিয়ে Increment এর কপি

Step 5: In this step you have to select increments and you will get the opportunity to select 5 more categories. Civilian, Railway, CGDF, BGB and Judicial. Select the category you belong to.


Step 6: In this step you will see a form after selecting your category. The first option of the form will be your National ID No. Look very nice and fill it together. You will be given a verification code to join your office, if you do not know or forget the code you can find out from your organization's accounting department. Now enter your verification code in the box No.2. Now it's your turn to prove that you are not a robot. That means you have to fill in the captcha. Captchas are usually made up of a combination of English letters and numbers. Many captchas use uppercase letters, so keep that in mind. Now press the login button to finish your work. Now you can see two more blue buttons below. One is Try Another and Forgot Verification Number. The first button will be useful when you make a mistake in captcha. Use that button to reload the new captcha. The second button will help you to get back if you forget your verification code.

Get Increment from Pay Fixation

Step 6: In this step a One Time Passoword (OTP) will be sent to your phone number. Submit your desired OTP in the T-box. After that you will get the increment form.

Yes, this way you can easily download your own encryption form.

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