Class 8 Online Registration Notice

Class 8 Online Registration Notice

Online registration of students studying in 8th class in 2021 academic year

The Sylhet Board has issued a notice regarding the online registration of students studying in class VIII. Was done. 

Instructions of Online registration

1. If the parents of the student have SSC certificate, then the name of the father and mother has to be entered according to the original certificate.

If the parents of the student do not have SSC certificate, then the name of the parent as per birth registration / national identity has to card entry.

2. Last year's JSC for 2021 JSC online registration. C form must be used to fill out.

3. According to the policy regarding conducting JSC examinations, in order to take part in JSC examinations, the age of the candidates should be minimum 12 years) on 31st December of the examination year and students above 18 years of age can participate in JSC examinations. No. In other words, the age of the JSC examinee of 2021 is 31/12/2021 . This should be at least 12 (twelve) years and not more than 18 (seventeen) years.

4. At the time of registration, the student's name, father and mother's name before Mr. Mrs., Late, Major, Colonel, Brigadier, Doctor.

5. Mr., Mrs., Pastor, Father, Monk etc. and MA, BA, FRCS etc. cannot be written without surname at the end of the name.

5. Be very careful when making student photo 0021-0 / 0 so that one person's picture does not become 07109/2 instead of another's picture.

Students who have registered in 2020 do not need to re-register.

Online registration activities:

Registration start date: 01/08/2021

Last date: 26/07/2021

Fee deposit in Sonali Bank: 30/06/2021. In between

Confirmation date: 04/08/2021

Note that the original copy of the money deposit in the bank and the original print copy (hard copy) of the e-registration should be kept in the institution.

6. As there is no opportunity for online e-registration with late fee, students have to complete the e-registration activities within the stipulated time.

JSC Online Registration Fee

The rate of departmental fee for JSC online registration is as follows:

A. Registration fee (per student) ---- 50

B. Sports Fee (per student) --------- 30

C. Red Crescent Fee (per student) --- 15

D. Blind Welfare Fee (per student) --- 05

E. National school sports affiliation fee (per institution) - 300

F. Development fee (per student) --- 25

Class 8 Online Registration Notice 2021

Class 8 Online Registration Notice

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