Integrated Gradation Management Form
The Department of Primary Education has created a website to facilitate the compilation of seniority lists of assistant teachers for promotion to the post of the headteacher. The website has been made with the names of teachers, PIN numbers, and school names from the e-primary school system. The Department of Primary Education has instructed the assistant teachers to enter information on this website. District and Upazila primary education officials have been asked to include the information of at least one Upazila teacher in each district on the website by February 10. This instruction has been given to the field level officials from the Department of Primary and Mass Education.

The department said the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education had twice last month urged it to prepare and send a combined full seniority list of assistant teachers for promotion to the post of headmaster. The department has already given instructions more than once to prepare a comprehensive list. A website called ‘Integrated Gradation Management’ to facilitate seniority listing (

Has been created. So that arrangements have been made to enter the necessary information in the preparation of the seniority list.

The department further said that the IDs, passwords and usage guidelines for accessing the websites of the Upazila and Thana Education Officers have been sent to the District Primary Education Officers by email.

In this situation, the district and Upazila primary education officers have been asked to inform the Department of Primary Education by email ( after completing the required information of the teachers of at least one Upazila of each district.

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