Vaccine hunters will be directed to the Surokkha website for appointments, where they will be enabled to choose their chosen hospitals for vaccination.

Users will locate the newly added option, "Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment," under the "explore" section inside the IMO app.

Upon clicking on it, users will be greeted with a step-by-step tutorial of the vaccine registration process for their convenience, added the release.

Popular messaging platform IMO has launched a new feature. This popular app is used by a large number of people. And using this issue IMO will work to increase vaccination registration in the country.

They said this in a press release sent to the media on Wednesday (July 7). The purpose of this feature is to reduce the complexity of the online vaccine registration process for Bangladeshis. This feature will take eligible users to the safety website through redirection, motivate them to make an appointment and select the hospital where they want to be vaccinated. The registrants will then be informed of the time and date of vaccination via SMS from the concerned authority.

Currently, more than 72 lakh people in the country have registered online to get the Covid-19 vaccine, which is very small for the planned population. However, more vaccines have been introduced in the country recently and the minimum age for vaccination has been lowered to 35, resulting in a significant increase in the number of vaccinators.

IMO hopes they can reach the remaining unregistered people through their platform. This new function can be found in the 'Explore' tab of the app called 'Covid-19 Vaccine Appointment'. Clicking there will also give users a tutorial on what to do for their convenience, showing how to register step by step.

Since the onset of the global epidemic, IMO Covid-19 has expressed solidarity with the Government of Bangladesh. Last year, IMO launched a hotline in Bengali within the app to inform expatriate Bangladeshi workers about safety and hygiene. The hotlines have connected them with Bangladeshi doctors.