Learning and Earning Development Project Registration Process

Learning and Earning Development Project Registration Process

Under the Learning and Learning Development Project (LEDP) project, registration for the training in various categories is underway with a full government grant under the Department of Information and Communication Technology. LEDP Course Notice published by authorities website https://ledp.ictd.gov.bd/.

How to Registration LEDP Project

Interested candidates can register by clicking on the link below to register and take part in the online test - - https://ledp.ictd.gov.bd/registration

Online Registration Process

Registration & Online Exam:

  • First, the applicant has to click on APPLY ONLINE button or enter the link https://ledp.ictd.gov.bd/registration.
  • Submit the registration.

Online Examination

• After submission of the online registration form a set of random questions will be viewed with basic IT and English language.
• A Timer will view the remaining time.
• Select the right answer from multiple-choice questions within the time.
• Click the Finish Exam button.
• You will show the result.

LEDP Courses:

1. Web design and development
2. Graphics design
3. Digital marketing


1. Must have a personal laptop.
2. Must have minimum HSC / equivalent pass.
3. Must have general knowledge about computers and the internet.
The training place has to be registered on an Upazila basis.
People with physical disabilities will get special opportunities in this course.
30% of female students will get opportunities in this quota-based training.
Certificates will be issued by the Department of Information and Communication Technology.
Entrepreneur creation, income in the online marketplace, job opportunities in local organizations.

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  1. I couldn’t find the link , anyone give the link please

  2. Learning and earning cls kbe theke suru hbe?

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